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Plumbing Services
Constantine Engineering offers a high-level of expertise within the plumbing engineering discipline. Many of our experienced staff are licensed and/or certified as a P.E., E.I.T., LEED AP, or all three. Engineers are encouraged to meet with and have relations with many different vendors, allowing them to stay updated on the newest technology and trends. They are able to recommend alternatives and provide a well designed system to meet every clients specific need.Services in AutoCAD, Revit, and extensive Field WorkExperience in a diversity of plumbing design including:

-Acid neutralizing pre-treatment systems

-Central domestic water heating plant design

-Commercial domestic water and hot water systems

-Commercial plumbing systems design

-Commercial waste and vent systems

-Compressed air equipment and piping design

-Correctional facilities plumbing design

-Deionized water systems

-Grease waste systems

-High pressure process piping systems

-High purity gas systems

-Medical gas systems for hospitals and clinics

-Natural gas piping systems

-Propane gas piping

-Storm water pre-treatment systems

-Storm water systems

-Sump pump/sewage ejector/lift station design

-Vacuum systems

-Veterinarian clinic plumbing and medical gas systems